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Places To Party On Tenerife. Clubs, Hotels, Boats And Bars

 Eager to dive into Tenerife’s electrifying nightlife, but a tad perplexed by the wealth of options on offer? Trust me, your feelings are echoed. Having spent extensive moments submerging myself in this festive wonderland, I discovered it teems with an eclectic mix of top-notch clubs, bars and hotels.

This blog post is your definitive compass guiding you through these buzzing locales – all crafted from hands-on experiences and meticulous research. So come along for a thrilling party escapade on this breathtaking Spanish island!

The Lively Nightlife of Tenerife

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Tenerife is a haven for nocturnal fun-seekers, where the party doesn’t stop till dawn. Southern Tenerife plays host to crowd-pulling hotspots with its trove of bustling clubs and bars.

While venturing northwards, you’ll discover hidden gems offering an authentic nightlife experience that’s uniquely Tenerifan.

Popular party hotspots in southern Tenerife

I have so much fun when I visit southern Tenerife. It is a place full of life at night. Here are some popular party spots:


  1. Head first to Los Cristianos! This resort buzzes with clubs, bars, and late-night cafés.
  2. Playa de las Américas is another top spot. With a wide range of nightlife, it never sleeps.
  3. If you want to save money, try Lonten Tours Excursiones. It gives good fun for less cash.
  4. The Molly Malone is another pocket-friendly spot that keeps the night alive.
  5. For a cool view and great time, go to The Attic rooftop bar.


Hidden gems in northern Tenerife

I am excited to tell you about the hidden gems in northern Tenerife. This part of the island is full of secret spots. They might not be as well-known, but they have a charm that will make your night out special.


  1. Bambu Bar: It’s a cosy spot with live music.
  2. Casa Don Juan: This place has amazing food and a relaxed vibe.
  3. The Rock Inn: Here, you can enjoy rock music and an exciting crowd.
  4. Tito’s Bodeguita: This is a popular spot with tasty food and Spanish guitar music.
  5. Mojo Lounge & Cocktail Bar: At this cool place, you can try new drinks.


Top Nightlife Experiences

Rocking out to their favourite band.[/caption]

Tenerife boasts some exceptional nightlife experiences that are guaranteed to dazzle and delight. Let’s start with the Magic Lounge Club, an exclusive spot oozing sophistication. It’s known for its chic atmosphere where you can drink cocktails against the backdrop of stunning ocean views.

Then there’s the Music Hall Tavern, a must-visit venue packed full of laughs and fabulous cabaret shows. Finally, Tramps: The King of Clubs is a go-to Tenerife nightlife hub that offers an unbeatable party experience with top DJ sets until dawn!

Magic Lounge Club

Magic Lounge Club is the place to be. In Playa de las Americas, this spot lights up the night seven days a week. You see top DJs here. Plus, it’s one of the top 15 clubs in Tenerife! Cool drinks and great music fill your night with fun.

The team makes sure you get what you need all night long. It’s more than just fun: it’s magic!

Music Hall Tavern

Music Hall Tavern is a must-visit spot in Tenerife. It first threw open its doors on Lanzarote in 1994, and now there’s also a great venue right here on our island! At this place, the evening gets filled with fun.

The show keeps you laughing and the dinner fills your belly. And don’t worry about getting there; it offers easy ways to move around. Even though it’s not an all-in-one night anymore, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket buying drinks.

So yes, Music Hall Tavern ticks all boxes of a top-notch party place in Tenerife.

Tramps: The King of Clubs

Tramps is a real treat in Tenerife. It has the title of King of Clubs. The place pumps out top house tunes and R&B hits all night. Some say it’s one of the best spots in the Canary Isles for this kind of music.

The club makes sure everyone has fun. There are three dance floors with different kinds of music to enjoy. If you want something more special, choose from three VIP areas! Top DJs get behind the decks at Tramps, making each night exciting and new.

So if you want to party hard in Tenerife, make sure Tramps is on your list.

Beach Club Fun

If you’re searching for a day-to-night experience, beach clubs in Tenerife are the place to be. With its infinity pool and DJ sets, Kaluna Beach Club offers panoramic ocean views that can’t be beaten.

Alternatively, at Papagayo Beach Club you can enjoy luxury cabanas and gourmet food alongside fantastic live music performances. Whether you prefer a chilled vibe or more of a party atmosphere, these beach clubs will not disappoint!

Kaluna Beach Club

Kaluna Beach Club is in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. You get a great view of Puerto Colon and Torviscas beaches from here. There’s also an infinity pool where you can chill out or party hard.

The club offers drinks at the terrace bar too. For those who love beach parties, this place is your dream come true! Kaluna Beach Club tops the list of Tenerife party spots with its lively vibe and stunning views.

Papagayo Beach Club

Papagayo Beach Club is the spot! It sits in Las Americas, right across from Troya Beach. This club lets you grab breakfast under the sun, enjoy a slow lunch and have dinner while catching lovely sights.

A lot of people say it’s the best beach and night club on Tenerife island. With its 4-star rating on Tripadvisor, it sure does draw a crowd. What better way to make your Tenerife party trip pop?.

Traditional Bars

Tenerife is home to a plethora of traditional bars that add charm and authenticity to your partying experience. The Pub-Tenerife gives you an authentic British pub feel under the Spanish sun.

For those who fancy whimsical settings, The Penny Farthing offers drinks in a classic English decor. Want to enjoy cocktails with mesmerising views? Head towards The Attic rooftop bar; it’s the perfect spot for sunset-loving revellers!

The Pub-Tenerife

The Pub-Tenerife is a spot you need to visit. It feels like a British bar but in the heart of Tenerife! Here, they serve top-notch beers and wines. You can also enjoy all sorts of spirits.

And guess what? Every night, they fill the air with live music. So, if you are near the Jersey Cow, stop by this pub for great drinks and tunes!

The Penny Farthing

You will love The Penny Farthing! It is in Los Cristianos on Tenerife. Step inside and you’ll meet our friendly team. They work hard to make sure you have a good time. We open the doors at 3pm.

Come and try our cheap drinks! But, we don’t serve food here, so eat before you come. Many young tourists think The Penny Farthing is a great place to party all night long on the island!

The Attic rooftop bar

Right in the heart of Arona, you’ll find The Attic rooftop bar. It’s high up in the Pasarella Centre. I love going there! People greet you with big smiles. It’s no wonder they have over 5000 likes on Facebook! Prized for its well-made cocktails and cool music, it draws a crowd.

Almost 7500 people have been here to party so far! You should too!

Unique Bar Experiences

Delve into the unexpected with unique bars in Tenerife. Chill out at the Cannabis Social Club MaryJane, enjoy a classic cocktail at Leonardos Tenerife or soak up some live music at The Swan Bar.

Sounds intriguing? Stay tuned for more!

Cannabis Social Club MaryJane

Cannabis Social Club MaryJane is a cool spot on Tenerife. It’s not like other clubs. It’s a non-profit place that makes cannabis for fun and health uses. They make sure everything stays legal too! This club works hard to stop any bad cannabis acts.

Try something different at MaryJane, it’s an amazing part of the Tenerife party scene!

Leonardos Tenerife

Leonardos Tenerife is a top spot to party. You will find it in Playa De Las Americas. It offers 20 screens for sports and fun shows. This makes it one of the best bars there. The team at My Guide Tenerife loves this place a lot!

The Swan Bar

You must visit The Swan Bar if you are in Tenerife. It’s in Costa Adeje, near many hotels. This bar is great for night fun and good food too. They serve lots of drinks that are very tasty.

You can also watch sports on three big TVs. Enjoy the party at The Swan Bar!

Nightlife in Tenerife: Bars & Clubs

I’m ready to guide you through the dynamic nightlife in Tenerife, brimming with vibrant bars and tantalising clubs. We’ll delve into where to find the best hotels for party-goers and make your visit truly unforgettable.

Hold tight; we’re about to uncover some of Tenerife’s finest party treasures!

Best hotels in Tenerife for nightlife

You have to check these hotels if you enjoy nightlife fun.


  1. Gran Melia Palacio de Isora: It is the best hotel in Tenerife for nightlife. You will love every bit of it.
  2. Royal Sun Resort: This is the second best place to stay if you like to party. It won’t disappoint you.
  3. HD Parque Cristobal Tenerife: It’s third on our list but still a top spot for nightlife. Fun is always here.
  4. Sunset Harbour Club: Being fourth best doesn’t make it less exciting. This club is full of life at night.
  5. Tagoro Family & Fun: The fifth-best hotel for parties, but don’t let that number fool you. There’s plenty of fun here.
  6. H10 Gran Tinerfe: Listed as the sixth best, but still a great spot for parties and fun nights out.


Tenerife Resort Guide

The Tenerife Resort Guide is your best friend on this island. It lists all the top spots to party at night. You will find bars, clubs, and live music venues in it. The guide shows places in both Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje.

These are the main places for fun after dark. If you love beach parties, check out the Tenerife Clubbers Guide too! It tells about the hottest beach clubs here. With these guides, your nights in Tenerife will be a blast!

Top Party Hotels

If you’re looking for a place to stay and party, look no further than the BLUESEA Costa Jardin Spa. This resort not only offers top-notch spa facilities but also has an in-house club that hosts some of the wildest parties on the island.

Alternatively, there’s Piramides Resort which is famous for its lively atmosphere and vibrant poolside parties. Book your stay here and experience Tenerife’s nightlife right at your doorstep!

BLUESEA Costa Jardin Spa

The BLUESEA Costa Jardin Spa is a top spot for young party lovers. It sits in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. You will find 239 rooms and 9 suites here! This place adds fun to your stay with a gym and spa.

You can pump up those muscles or relax after the night’s events.

There’s more! Families love it here too. A large pool waits for you on hot days and mini golf adds an extra pinch of fun. The hotel is tucked away in lush gardens, giving it a cool vibe.

Plus, the beach at Puerto de la Cruz is just over 1 km away! So if you want to soak up some sun before hitting the late-night party scene, this is your spot.

Piramides Resort

Piramides Resort is in a cool spot in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. You will find it just 350m from the famous Veronicas Strip, which rocks all night long! The resort has four pools to dip and cool off during the day.

Don’t forget to swing by one of the two pool bars for a tasty drink. Your room comes with handy kitchenettes and balconies for when you need some private chill time. People who have stayed here give Piramides Resort top scores on Tripadvisor.

This sure tells you it’s a great place for fun seekers like yourself!

Exciting Boat Parties

Step aboard the Ocean Dream Charter or Party Boat Tenerife for unforgettable parties at sea. Sail into a night of fun, drinks and dancing under the starlit sky. The unique party experience is complete with DJ music, stunning coast views and loads of youthful energy!

Ocean Dream Charter

Ocean Dream Charter is a great choice for boat parties. Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, it sails out into the sea with party-goers. More than 10,000 people have had fun at these parties so far.

There are many packages to pick from. The fun starts even before we get on board with a thrilling pre-party! If you’re looking to make some special memories in Tenerife, this could be just what you want.

Party Boat Tenerife

Party Boat Tenerife is a top spot for fun. They have cool boat parties you will love. If it’s your birthday, hen party or stag event, this is the place to be. You can pick VIP tickets or standard ones.

Any ticket gets you as many drinks as you want.

The views from the boat are a treat for your eyes. As we sail through Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos, the water looks so clear! There’s also a pre-party with more drinks before we get on the boat.

Want to join? You can book online at any time! It’s easy and fast.


I love Tenerife! This island has so many fun spots. No matter where you stay, there’s always a great place to party. Come and have the best time of your life in Tenerife!