Roques de García Central Tenerife

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Information about Roques de García

Roques de García is a spectacular rock formation created by eruptions from the nearby Mount Teide volcano.

The most prominent rock formation in the Roques de García is the Roque Cinchado, a tall, narrow rock tower that stands out against the sky. The Roque Cinchado is one of the most photographed natural landmarks in Tenerife, and has become a symbol of the island.

Another notable formation in the Roques de García is the Roque Chinchado, a large rock formation that resembles a face. The Roque Chinchado is also known as the “Stone Guardian” and is believed to have been used as a ceremonial site by the Guanche people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

The Roques are easily accessible by car and there are several hiking trails that offer stunning views of the rock formations and the surrounding landscape. One popular hiking trail is the Sendero de los Roques, a 2.5 kilometer (1.5 mile) trail that takes visitors through the heart of the Roques de García.

In addition to the natural beauty of the Roques de García, the area is also home to several important archaeological sites. The Guanche people lived on Tenerife for thousands of years before the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century, and the Roques de García are believed to have been an important spiritual and cultural center for the Guanche people.

Information about getting to Roques de García

Driving to and parking at Roques de García in Tenerife is relatively easy and straightforward. The Roques de García are located in the Teide National Park, which is accessible by car via a well-maintained road.

To get to the Roques de García, you’ll need to drive to the Teide National Park, which is located in the center of the island. From there, you’ll take the TF-21 road towards the Parador de las Cañadas del Teide. The Roques de García are located just a short drive from the Parador.

There are several parking areas near the Roques de García, including a large parking lot at the Parador de las Cañadas del Teide where you will find a cafe and toilets. From there, you can take a short walk to the Roques de García or explore the surrounding area on foot.  The main thing to note about parking in this vicinity is that it has become very very busy in recent times so if you want to avoid spending ages trawling for a parking space then come earlier in the day.

It’s important to note that the Teide National Park is a protected natural area, and there are strict rules and regulations in place to ensure the preservation of the environment. Visitors are required to stay on designated trails and paths, and camping and fires are strictly prohibited. It’s also important to take any trash or litter with you when you leave the park.

Our Tips

  • Go Earlier in the day to get a parking space without having to wait and see the rocks before they are crawling with tourists.
  • There are toilets, a cafe and a gift shop in the building across the road from the Roques De Garcia.
  • If you are not keen on the very steep road up from the south of Tenerife you can take the TF-38 via the TF-1 which is a much more gentle drive and is access via the left hand side of the island rather thant he bottom..
  • The attraction is free and has several beautiful viewing points to the left of the car park and slightly up the hill.