Aqualand Tenerife South

South Tenerife, Theme parks

Aqualand Adeje

AquaLand Tenerife covers an area of around 18,000 square meters and offers a range of water attractions, slides, and pools for visitors of all ages.

Some of the most popular attractions at AquaLand Tenerife include the “Kamikaze,” which is a steep, high-speed slide that offers a thrilling ride for adrenaline seekers. The “Black Hole” is another popular slide, which takes riders through a dark tunnel with various twists and turns. The “Twister” is a large, open slide that provides a fun and bumpy ride, while the “Anaconda” is a long, winding slide that offers a more leisurely experience.

In addition to these slides, AquaLand Tenerife also features a range of pools and other water-based activities, such as wave pools, lazy rivers, and children’s play areas. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of food and beverage options, including restaurants, snack bars, and ice cream stands.

The park is generally open from around 10am to 6pm during the summer months, and admission fees vary depending on the age of the visitor and the time of year. Overall, AquaLand Tenerife is a popular attraction for tourists visiting Tenerife, especially families and those looking for a fun day out in the sun.