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Temeperature in Tenerife in December

Planning a trip to Tenerife in December and feeling a bit concerned about the weather? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many of us have been in those shoes, anxiously checking the weather app as if it holds the secret to an enjoyable vacation.

But let me share some good news – from my extensive research and personal insights, I discovered that Tenerife is mostly blessed with bright sunny days in December with cozy average high temperatures of 20.6°C! So pack your bags because this blog post will detail everything you need to know about the general climate trends during this time, including daily temperatures, sea temperature, sunshine hours and even tips on what clothes to bring.

Can you sunbathe in Tenerife in December

In December, Tenerife experiences average daily temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit.

Average daily temperatures

I’m excited to share with you the average daily temperatures you can anticipate in sunny Tenerife in December. While we’re in the thick of winter in the U.S., Tenerife enjoys considerably more warmth.


WeekAverage High Temperature (°C)Average Low Temperature (°C)Perfect Sunny Day Chance (%)
First Week of December20.61964
Second Week of December20.51964
Third Week of December20.218.864
Fourth Week of December2018.664




Remember, most days in December you’ll experience delightful temperatures between 20-23°C. Occasionally, temperatures can even climb up to the mid-20s! Despite a significant drop in temperature during the fall, Tenerife remains comfortably warm during December. Yes, you can pack your swimsuit and enjoy the beach even in the holiday season.

Sunshine and rainfall

During December, Tenerife experiences mostly sunny weather, but it’s also the wettest month on the island. Let’s breakdown the average sunshine and rainfall for this month:


64% chance of a perfect sunny dayThe average rainfall in December is 1mm
36% chance of seeing some cloudsDespite being the wettest month, rainfall is still relatively low


So, although December is technically the wettest month, the rainfall is minimal and there’s still plenty of sunshine to enjoy. The great weather conditions make it ideal for spending time on the beach, even in December!

Sea temperature Tenerife December

Calima phenomenon

During December in Tenerife, you might experience a weather phenomenon called “Calima.” Calima is when there is a presence of dust and sand particles in the air, blown over from the Sahara Desert.

This can lead to hazy skies and reduced visibility. It may also bring warmer temperatures than usual, with highs reaching up to 30°C or more. While Calima can create an exotic atmosphere, it’s important to note that it can sometimes cause respiratory issues for sensitive individuals.

Therefore, if you’re planning to visit Tenerife in December during a Calima event, be prepared by bringing any necessary medication or taking precautions if you have respiratory conditions.

What to pack

Here’s what I recommend packing for your trip to Tenerife in December:


  • Light clothing: Bring t-shirts, shorts, and dresses for the warm temperatures.
  • Sweater or light jacket: It can get cooler in the evenings, so have something to keep you warm.
  • Swimwear: Don’t forget your swimsuit! You can still enjoy the beach and pool.
  • Sunscreen: Even though it’s winter, the sun can still be strong. Protect your skin with sunscreen.
  • Hat and sunglasses: Keep your face and eyes shielded from the sun.
  • Comfortable shoes: Bring sandals or sneakers for walking around and exploring.
  • Rain jacket or umbrella: December is the wettest month, so be prepared for some rain.
  • Medications and toiletries: Remember any medications you may need, along with your usual toiletries.


Frequently Asked Questions about Tenerife Weather in December.

I know you might have some questions about the weather in Tenerife in December. Here are the important facts:


  • Is Tenerife still hot in December?
  • Can I sunbathe in December?
  • What should I pack for my trip?




1. What is the weather like on Tenerife in December?

The weather on Tenerife in December is mild and enjoyable, with sunny days.

2. Can I sunbathe on Tenerife in December?

Yes, you can sunbathe on Tenerife in December due to its pleasant weather.

3. Is it warm enough to swim in the ocean during December?

In December, the ocean around Tenerife stays warm enough for swimming.

4. Should I bring a jacket for my trip to Tenerife in December?

Although daytime temperatures are quite high, nights might be cooler; bringing a light jacket may be helpful.