Is Las Veronicas Dangerous


Where is Veronicas strip in Tenerife

Veronicas strip is in a lively spot of Tenerife. It sits in the heart of Playa de las Americas, a famous holiday town on this Canary Island. The street sizzles with life and energy from many bars, clubs and restaurants.

If you are looking for the party centre of Tenerife, Veronicas will win your heart! Visitors flock here to enjoy its exciting nightlife. So pack your bags and get ready for fun times at Veronicas strip in sunny Tenerife!

Is Las Veronicas Tenerife dangerous

While Las Veronicas is a lively hub known for its nightlife and entertainment, it isn’t entirely free from safety concerns; instances of petty crimes like pickpocketing are not uncommon.

However, with sensible precautions such as safeguarding your valuables in the hotel safe and staying vigilant after dark, you can ensure enjoyable and worry-free moments on this vibrant strip of Tenerife.

Prevalence of Crime

Crime happens a lot in Las Veronicas, Playa de las Americas. Many people report that they lose things to pickpockets. Some even face threats at knifepoint for their mobile phones. There was also one time when a man got hurt with a knife.

The person who did it lived there and the knife had butter on it! It’s best to keep your expensive phone safe at home and bring a cheaper one instead while you’re here.

Common Scams and Annoyances

Be ready for the scams and troubles in Veronicas. Let me share some with you.


  1. Pickpockets work all day and night in this area.
  2. They don’t scare easily and they try to rob people openly.
  3. Some have been known to use a knife to steal mobile phones.
  4. Hide your money well, split it between pockets or even place some in your shoes.
  5. Stay away from bringing costly items like bank cards, credit cards, or high-end phones.
  6. Keep watch, someone was recently stabbed in Veronicas because of crime.
  7. Use a cheap pay-as-you-go phone if need be so if it gets stolen, it’s no big loss!

Safety Tips for Tourists

I am here to give you some safety tips. It’s no secret that Veronicas in Playa de las Americas has a high crime rate. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:


  1. Keep money hidden. Don’t give pickpockets a chance. Put money in front pockets or hide it in your shoes.
  2. Leave valuable items at the hotel. This includes bank cards, credit cards and expensive phones.
  3. Use a cheap phone. Since mobile phones are often targeted, use a cheap pay-as-you-go phone when you visit Veronicas.
  4. Be alert of your surroundings. Pickpockets can be bold without fear, so always know what’s happening around you.
  5. Seek help from local police if needed. If something happens, make a police report right away at the local station.
  6. Avoid areas with a bad reputation at night, like Veronica’s strip.
  7. Enjoy the nightlife but don’t drink too much because it might make you an easy target for robbers.


Tenerife Veronicas bars

Veronicas bars offer a lot of fun. They make the night come alive in Tenerife. Many tourists go there to drink, dance and have a great time.

The music fills the air in every bar. From pop tunes to rock songs, you can hear it all. You can also show off your dance moves on many dance floors.

  1. Linekers Bar
  2. Sound of Cream
  3. Sax Bar
  4. Tramps Tenerife – The King of Clubs
  5. Brannigans Bar
  6. O’Neill’s Irish Pub
  7. Yates’s
  8. Revolution Bar
  9. Crystal’s Bar
  10. Magic Bar
  11. The Full Monty
  12. The Jumpin’ Jack Pub
  13. The Brewers Droop
  14. Shenanigans
  15. Hole in the Wall Pub

But keep your things safe! Do not bring costly items like mobile phones or credit cards. Some people might try to steal them from you while you are having fun. You must be smart and alert so that nothing bad happens to you during your visit.

Tenerife Veronicas food

You won’t find much local food in Las Veronicas. This area is more about fun than food. But don’t worry, good food is not far away. Near Las Veronicas, the Safari Centre has nice places to eat.

Also, you can go to Papagayo Beach Club for a good meal. It’s close and it’s very nice there. So yes, enjoy your holiday and make sure to try all the tasty dishes!

Las Veronicas Tenerife reviews

While opinions about Las Veronicas Tenerife can be varied, below is a compilation of reviews from different visitors, highlighting both positive and negative elements.


Positive ReviewsNegative Reviews
Great nightlife, lots of bars and clubs to choose from.High crime rate, particularly pickpocketing and mugging.
Wide variety of food options catering to all tastes.Some people were threatened at knifepoint for their mobile phones.
Many exciting activities during the day such as water sports and beach lounging.Blatant actions of pickpockets operating without fear.
Easy access to other areas in Tenerife.Recent stabbing incident reported, increasing the sense of danger.
Enjoyable atmosphere for a younger crowd looking for a good time.Valuables like bank cards, credit cards, or expensive phones are at risk.
The area is packed with shops for any shopping needs.Fights, broken glasses, and thrown furniture are common, making the area seem quite dangerous.


It’s crucial for anyone planning to visit Las Veronicas Tenerife to be aware of these reviews, both positive and negative, so they can make an informed decision.

The History of Las Veronicas Tenerife 1990

In 1990, Las Veronicas in Tenerife started to change. It became a place for fun and joy. People from all over the world came here to enjoy their holidays. They loved the bars and clubs that lined the streets of Las Veronicas.

At night, bright lights lit up this part of town. The sound of music filled the air every evening till early morning. It soon became known as one of the best places to party on this beautiful Spanish island.

The area also saw growth in business during this time. Many new hotels and fancy restaurants opened up around Veronica’s strip. The region bloomed with life and energy as never before! The beach areas such as Troya Beach close by made it even more attractive for tourists looking for sun-soaked days followed by lively nights.

The crime rate was low then which made people feel safe here too! Local police did a good job keeping thieves away so holidaymakers had nothing but good times here.

Las Veronicas’ past is rich with tales of fun times, crazy nights, sunny days and friendly people who went there seeking adventure!


1. Is it safe to visit Las Veronicas in Tenerife?

Las Veronicas, a modern and upmarket area in Playa de las Americas, is generally safe. Yet, like any tourist spot, it has had some reports of crime such as robbery or knife threats.

2. What action does the police take against the violence at Las Veronicas?

The police take action against violence in this area to ensure safety. They do their best for crime prevention on Veronica’s Strip and all over Canary Islands.

3. How can I protect myself while enjoying nightlife at Veronica’s strip?

Always follow travel advice from trusted sources like TripAdvisor or Travel Forums for tips on how to avoid threats during your stay at Arona including Veronica’s area.

4. Can I get travel insurance with Jet2insurance for my trip to Las Veronicas

Yes! Jet2insurance provides travel insurance that covers many things including medical needs during your luxury holiday in Las Veronicas.

5.How do local hotels handle security concerns?

Hotels like Catalonia Oro Negro and Aparthotel Las Piramides take guest safety very seriously offering private hotel transfers and have measures in place for property protection.

6.What are some other safer places near Las Veronicas that tourists can enjoy?

There are other areas nearby which also offer great experiences such as Los Cristianos and La Caleta where you could indulge in local food like Gazpacho safely.