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Puerto Colón Tenerife


Planning a vacation and getting a little lost in the sea of enticing destinations? Trust me, I understand how overwhelming it can feel to navigate through endless choices. Here’s a pro tip: Tenerife Island is a crowd favorite, but it’s also home to some lesser-known charms.

Among them is Puerto Colón, nestled in South Tenerife, merely 16 kilometers from Reina Sofia Airport. In this blog, I’ll be your personal guide into this captivating marina brimming with sandy beaches, riveting excursions, delicious dining options and so much more.

So strap on your adventure hats folks; an unforgettable journey awaits!

Overview of Puerto Colón Tenerife


Are you looking for an idyllic getaway destination that offers stunning beaches, exciting water sports, and a vibrant marina? Well, look no further than Puerto Colón Tenerife! As a traveler myself, I understand the struggle of finding that perfect vacation spot. But fear not! After extensive research, I’ve discovered the hidden gem of Puerto Colón Tenerife. In this article, I’ll be sharing all the must-see attractions and activities in this charming town. So get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and adventure that awaits you at Puerto Colón Tenerife!

Location and accessibility

Puerto Colón Tenerife is easy to find. It sits in South Tenerife, not far from the Reina Sofia Airport. You can walk here from two popular spots. If you are at Playa de las Americas (Veronicas), it’s only 1.2 km away.

From Playa del Duque, it’s a bit farther – 1.5 km in all. A long boulevard links Puerto Colón with Costa Adeje and other beaches close by. This makes getting around simple and fun!

Popular tourist attractions

I love Puerto Colón in the south of Tenerife, Spain. It is a place full of fun and wonder. There are a lot of places that you should visit.


  1. The first place to see is the Marina. It’s modern and full of life! You can find boats of all sizes and colors there.
  2. Don’t miss out on Playa de las Américas. It’s one of the busiest tourist spots on the island, with lots to do.
  3. Make sure to take a walk to Playa del Duque too. It’s not far from Puerto Colón and worth the trip.
  4. Head over to Costa Adeje for a great beach day! It’s near Puerto Colón, so it’s easy to get there.
  5. Visit during Carnival season if you can! Tenerife has one of the biggest Carnivals in the world!
  6. Lastly, go shopping at the local shops for unique finds and souvenirs.


Marina and Excursions

Experience the thrill of sailing and take breathtaking boat tours to witness the magnificent whales and dolphins in Puerto Colón Tenerife.

Experience sailing and boat tours

I set sail on a boat tour in Puerto Colón Tenerife. It was more than just a ride. The sea wind blew my hair back as I looked out at the blue waves. Dolphins popped up from the water and waved at us with their fins.

We saw whales too! They were so big, but still very friendly. On the boat, we had good food and drinks that were part of the trip price. For those who love to feel like kings or queens, private charters offered even better trips! It was fun to be out on our own boat for a day, feeling posh and fancy while enjoying Costa Adeje’s beauty.

Whale and dolphin watching

I love going whale and dolphin watching in Puerto Colón, Tenerife! It’s such an incredible experience to see these magnificent creatures up close. The best part is that the whale watching season lasts all year round here, so no matter when you visit, you have a good chance of spotting them.

Costa Adeje, where Puerto Colón is located on the southern coast of Tenerife, is home to large resident populations of Pilot whales. In fact, the Canary Islands are known for their diverse marine life, making it easy to spot whales and dolphins throughout the year.

There are boat excursions available from Puerto Colón specifically for whale and dolphin watching. These excursions typically last for 2 to 4.5 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy this amazing adventure on the crystal-clear waters surrounding Tenerife!

Playa de Puerto Colón

Playa de Puerto Colón is a stunning beach located in Puerto Colón Tenerife, offering crystal-clear waters and soft golden sand.

Description of the beach

Playa de Puerto Colón is a beautiful and family-friendly beach located in the charming town of Puerto Colón, Tenerife. This beach is perfect for swimming as it is protected by a large curved breakwater, ensuring calm waters that are safe for both kids and adults to enjoy.

The beach also features a lovely beach promenade that you can take a leisurely stroll along. Just a short walk away along this promenade, you’ll reach Costa Adeje, where you can find even more dining options to satisfy your hunger after a day at the beach.

And don’t forget, being located in Puerto Colón means that there are plenty of sea trips available from the nearby port for those looking for some adventure on the water.

Activities and amenities available

The Playa de Puerto Colón offers a wide range of activities and amenities for tourists like me. Here are some of the things I can enjoy while visiting this beautiful beach:


  • Jet skiing: I can rent a jet ski and ride the waves, feeling the thrill of speed and freedom on the water.
  • Parasailing: I have the opportunity to soar high above the beach, enjoying breathtaking views of the coastline.
  • Diving: The crystal-clear waters of Puerto Colón provide an excellent diving experience, where I can explore underwater caves and see colorful marine life.
  • Catamaran sailing: I can hop on a catamaran and sail along the coast, feeling the sea breeze on my face as I relax and take in the stunning scenery.
  • Flyboarding: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, flyboarding is available. This water sport allows me to hover above water using a hydroflight device attached to my feet.
  • Trampoline for children: If I am traveling with kids, they can have fun jumping and bouncing on a large trampoline specially designed for them.


Nearby Dining Options

There are several popular restaurants and cafes in the area, offering a variety of dining options for visitors to Puerto Colón Tenerife.

Popular restaurants and cafes in the area

I have visited Puerto Colón Tenerife and I am excited to share some great dining options with you. Here are some popular restaurants and cafes in the area:


  • Boulevard Cafe Restaurant: A charming restaurant located near Playa De Puerto Colon. They offer a diverse menu with delicious food options for everyone.
  • Intercontinental Restaurant: This restaurant is located near Puerto Colon Marina in Costa Adeje. They serve international cuisine with a touch of local flavors, ensuring a memorable dining experience.
  • Restaurante El Puerto: Situated in Costa Adeje, this restaurant offers stunning views of the marina. They specialize in fresh seafood and provide a relaxing atmosphere for a delightful meal.
  • Club Nautico Puerto Colon: Located near Costa Adeje’s coastline, this club has several restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy beachside eateries while taking in the beautiful scenery.
  • Tierra Cafe: If you’re looking for vegetarian cuisine, make sure to visit Tierra Cafe. Run by two sisters who focus on serving fresh farm-to-table food, they offer a unique dining experience.
  • Convenient hotel access: There are plenty of hotels close to Puerto Colon Marina that provide easy access to the marina and various restaurants. You can conveniently enjoy your meals without traveling far.
  • Shopping Centre Puerto Colon: This shopping center is situated in Costa Adeje and offers not only shopping opportunities but also various dining options. It’s a great place to explore after a day of shopping.


Shopping Paradise

In Puerto Colón Tenerife, you’ll find a shopping paradise with an abundance of unique shops and boutiques. From local handicrafts to high-end fashion, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on exploring this shopper’s haven! Read more to discover the best places to shop in Puerto Colón Tenerife and indulge in some retail therapy like never before.

Overview of shopping opportunities in Puerto Colón

Puerto Colón is a shopping paradise located in the south of Tenerife. As a tourist, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your shopping needs near the Puerto Colon boats. From souvenirs to beachwear, this place has it all.

One popular shopping center in the area is Plaza del Duque, where you can explore various tours and activities while browsing through the shops. If you’re looking for accommodation with easy access to shopping, consider staying at Apartamentos Puerto Colon Club, a 3-star adventure hotel connected to a shopping center in Puerto Colón.

Get ready to shop till you drop!


In conclusion, Puerto Colón Tenerife is a vibrant and accessible destination in South Tenerife. With its modern marina, beautiful beach, and variety of dining and shopping options, it offers something for every tourist.

Whether you’re interested in boat excursions or simply relaxing by the sea, Puerto Colón is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.


1. What is Puerto Colón Tenerife?

Puerto Colón Tenerife is a popular marina located in the south of Tenerife, Spain.

2. Is Puerto Colón Tenerife open to the public?

Yes, Puerto Colón Tenerife is open to the public and visitors can enjoy its beautiful waterfront promenade and various recreational activities.

3. Are there restaurants and shops in Puerto Colón Tenerife?

Yes, Puerto Colón Tenerife has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops where visitors can dine or shop for souvenirs.

4. Can I rent boats or go on boat tours from Puerto Colón Tenerife?

Yes, visitors can rent boats or book boat tours from the marina at Puerto Colón Tenerife to explore the surrounding coastal areas.

5. Are there any nearby attractions near Puerto Colón Te