Information about the Mirador de Samara viewing point

If you are driving up the TF-38 it’s very easy to drive straight past this viewing point without thinking much of it.  There is a small car park for around 10 cars and then a few trails that lead into an increadible landscape of a ground covered in think black compacted ash.  The suprosing thing are teh green trees growing up through the ash proving an incredible contrast.  There is a very short and easy walk to the left that takes you to a small volcanic vent i.e. a small caldera that give an incredible view that you can see above. Even from the car park you get an amazing view back to La Plama and La Gomera.  There is a slightly more difficult walk to the right that takes you around Montaña de la Botija giving you the most sublime viewpoint that you can see here.


Other popular viewing points on Tenerife

Tenerife offers a plethora of stunning viewpoints due to its diverse landscapes, ranging from coastal vistas to mountainous panoramas. Here’s a list of some of the best viewing points on the island, along with their Google Maps links:

  1. Mirador de La Garanona:
  2. Mirador de La Paz:
  3. Mirador de Chipeque:
    • Located on the TF-24 road, this viewpoint provides a unique perspective of Mount Teide and the sea of clouds below.
    • Google Maps Location
  4. Mirador de Archipenque:
  5. Mirador de El Lance:
    • Offers panoramic views of the northwest of Tenerife, including the towns of Icod, Garachico, and more.
    • Google Maps Location
  6. Mirador de Jardina:
  7. Mirador de Las Teresitas:
  8. Mirador de Ortuno:
    • Located in the Anaga Rural Park, it offers views of the lush landscapes and rugged terrain of the Anaga mountains.
    • Google Maps Location
  9. Mirador Pico del Inglés:
  • Located in the Anaga mountains, it offers panoramic views of the northern and southern coasts of Tenerife.
  • Google Maps Location