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Visiting the Masca Valley by Car

Visiting the Masca Valley in Tenerife by car can be a great option for those who prefer to explore at their own pace and have the flexibility to stop and take in the stunning views along the way. However, it’s important to note that the road leading to the valley is narrow and winding, so driving can be challenging for those who are not accustomed to mountainous terrain.

To get to Masca Valley by car, you will need to navigate through the Teno Mountains on a winding road with breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. The journey from the southern part of the island takes around one and a half hours, while the journey from the northern part takes approximately an hour.

It’s important to note that the last few kilometers of the journey to Masca Valley are along a narrow and winding road that can be challenging to navigate, especially for larger vehicles. The road is also popular with hikers (and buses), so it’s essential to be cautious and take your time.


Hiking the Masca Valley

The Masca Valley is a breathtaking natural wonder located in the northwest of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. This valley is often referred to as one of the most picturesque and challenging hiking trails in Tenerife, offering a unique and stunning landscape that’s sure to captivate the hearts of all who visit.

The Masca Valley is situated within the Teno Rural Park, which is known for its rugged cliffs, deep ravines, and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. The park’s unique geology was formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity and erosion, creating a diverse ecosystem that’s home to a variety of plant and animal species.

The valley’s unique landscape is characterized by its towering cliffs, deep gorges, and lush vegetation. The hike through Masca Valley is considered one of the most challenging in Tenerife, but the stunning views make it worth the effort. The trek starts at the top of the valley and descends 600 meters over a distance of 4.5 kilometers, leading hikers through a series of narrow paths, rocky terrain, and steep slopes.

The trail passes through a variety of environments, from rocky outcrops to shady forests, providing a diverse range of flora and fauna for visitors to enjoy. The area is home to a wide range of bird species, such as the Canary Islands Chiffchaff, the Eurasian Sparrowhawk, and the Common Buzzard. Visitors may also see various reptiles, such as the Tenerife Skink, the Canary Island Lizard, and the Blindworm.

One of the most memorable moments of the hike is the arrival at the Masca village, which is nestled in the heart of the valley. This small village, which has a population of less than 100 inhabitants, is surrounded by towering cliffs and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The village’s traditional architecture, narrow streets, and quaint houses provide a glimpse into the region’s past.

In addition to the hiking trail, visitors can also take a boat trip along the coast from the village of Masca to the nearby town of Los Gigantes. The boat trip offers stunning views of the rugged coastline and provides a unique perspective of the Masca Valley.

Overall, the Masca Valley is an exceptional destination for those seeking adventure, stunning views, and a chance to connect with nature. The hike through the valley is challenging, but the beauty of the landscape and the peaceful atmosphere make it a worthwhile experience for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with nature.

Our Tips

  • Go Earlier in the day to make the drive down the hill easier. 
  • Make sure you go when the cafe’s are open if you are partial to a regular trip to the bathroom as there are no public bathrooms 
  • Stop at the rough parking spot at the top of the valley to take a fantastic picture looking down.
  • Go as part of an oraganised tour if you are a nervous driver as the drive down can be scary.
  • Go earlier in the day to make it easier to get a arking spot