Faro de Buenavista del Norte

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Information about the lighthouse

Faro de Buenavista del Norte is a lighthouse situated on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, near the town of Buenavista del Norte.

The lighthouse was built in 1867 and has since become a popular tourist attraction, offering stunning views of the coastline and the surrounding mountains. It stands at a height of 22 meters (72 feet) and has a range of 19 nautical miles, making it an important navigational aid for ships in the area.

In addition to its functional role as a lighthouse, Faro de Buenavista del Norte also has historical and cultural significance. The building is an excellent example of 19th-century Spanish architecture and has been designated as a protected cultural heritage site.

Visitors to the lighthouse can climb the spiral staircase to the top for panoramic views of the ocean and the rugged coastline. There is also a small museum on site that provides information about the history and significance of the lighthouse.

Faro de Buenavista del Norte is accessible by car but not by public transportation. It is also a popular stop on guided tours of the area.