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Tenerife Wine Museum

Casa del Vino Tenerife is a wine museum and cultural center that is housed in a beautifully restored 17th-century Canarian mansion and is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the region’s rich wine culture.

The museum’s exhibits provide visitors with an overview of the history of wine production on the island, from ancient times to the present day. The displays include traditional winemaking tools and equipment, as well as videos and interactive exhibits that explain the winemaking process in detail.

In addition to the museum exhibits, Casa del Vino also hosts a range of cultural events and activities, including concerts, wine tastings, and workshops on topics such as gastronomy and traditional crafts. The museum’s beautiful gardens are also a popular attraction, offering visitors a peaceful and relaxing setting to enjoy a glass of wine or a traditional Canarian meal.

One of the highlights of the museum is its wine cellar, which houses a collection of over 400 wines from Tenerife and other regions of Spain. Visitors can sample and purchase wines from the cellar, and the museum’s expert staff are on hand to provide advice and recommendations.

Casa del Vino Tenerife: Discovering Tenerife’s Wine Legacy at the Wine Museum

As someone who appreciates wine, I had the pleasure of exploring Casa del Vino Tenerife, a wine museum located in the mid-north of Tenerife. Managed by the Fundación Canaria Tenerife Rural, this museum is all about unraveling the secrets of Tenerife’s wine-making heritage. From the connection between wine and the island’s volcanic terrain to the array of vine types, traditional cultivation methods, and origins, the museum dives deep into the island’s wine culture.

A trip to Casa del Vino Tenerife offers a special experience. Beyond its captivating architecture and history, the activities on offer help you connect with Tenerife’s origins and landscapes. Offering wine and food tastings, self-guided tours, and even restaurant events, the museum provides a chance to learn about Tenerife’s wine history while savoring some of its finest wines.

History of Casa del Vino

Casa del Vino, situated in the mid-north of Tenerife, is part of the charming Hacienda de San Simón. This reddish-tinted estate boasts traditional rural architecture that reflects its historical journey.

The Casa del Vino building holds a 400-year history, once serving as a winery where generations produced wine. The structure stands as a testament to Tenerife’s wine-making past.

The museum takes pride in showcasing the significance of wine in Tenerife’s history. It sheds light on the link between wine production, volcanic activity, various vine types, traditional farming, and designations of origin.

Casa del Vino has become a sought-after attraction, inviting visitors to explore the island’s diverse facets beyond just wine. The museum offers not only wine tastings and workshops but also various activities related to wine production.

Architecture and Gardens

Stepping into Casa del Vino Tenerife, I was struck by the charm of the building’s architecture and the lush surroundings. Nestled in a 17th-century Canarian estate, the museum seamlessly blends traditional and modern styles, creating a unique appeal.

The Chapel

The central feature of the estate is its chapel, constructed in the 18th century and situated at the heart of the complex. This exquisite example of Canarian Baroque architecture dazzles with its intricate carvings and ornate embellishments. The chapel remains a place of religious ceremonies and a favored wedding venue.

Canarian Farm

The museum is enveloped by enchanting gardens that showcase Tenerife’s botanical diversity. Spanning 13,000 square meters, the gardens encompass a vineyard and a native plant area. The vineyard garden showcases Tenerife’s vine varieties, while the native plant garden unites the island’s indigenous flora.

The Canarian farm is another highlight, producing wine, cheese, and local fare. Visitors can embark on self-guided tours to learn about traditional production methods. A restaurant on the farm serves authentic Canarian cuisine prepared using fresh, local ingredients.

Permanent Exhibition

Wandering through the Casa del Vino Tenerife wine museum, I was captivated by the permanent exhibition narrating the winery’s history. This exhibit is housed in a small room beyond the courtyard, offering a glimpse into the Casa del Vino’s past.

The Wine Cellar

One of the standout features of the permanent exhibition is the wine cellar. This is where the magic happens—wine is stored and aged. It’s fascinating to observe the barrels and bottles used in the wine-making process. The wine cellar pays tribute to the expertise of the winemakers who’ve crafted wines at Casa del Vino over the years.

Within the wine cellar, visitors can grasp the wine-making journey—from grape harvesting to bottling. The exhibition delves into grape varieties and the different Tenerife regions they hail from.

The wine cellar is a must-visit for anyone keen on wine-making, offering insights into Tenerife’s wine culture and history.

Wine Tasting and Learning

As a wine lover, I was excited to explore the wine tasting and learning opportunities at Casa del Vino Tenerife. Here’s what I found:

Tasting Room

Casa del Vino’s tasting room welcomes guests to savor various local wines. The room’s cozy ambiance, adorned with rustic décor, captures the essence of Tenerife’s wine-making traditions. The tasting room operates daily, inviting visitors to drop in during opening hours.

I found the staff knowledgeable and friendly during my visit. They were eager to answer questions and shared tips on appreciating different wine flavors and aromas. The tasting room also offers snacks that pair delightfully with the wines.


For those seeking to deepen their wine knowledge, Casa del Vino Tenerife offers a range of courses and workshops. Covering wine-making, grape varieties, and food pairing, these sessions are led by experts. Both beginners and experienced wine enthusiasts can benefit.

I was impressed by the diversity of courses available. Options include short workshops spanning a few hours and more comprehensive courses spread over multiple days. Some courses even include visits to local wineries—an excellent way to immerse oneself in Tenerife’s wine culture.

Restaurant and Shop

Casa del Vino Tenerife isn’t just a museum—it’s a hub for delectable food and wine-related souvenirs. The restaurant and shop are nestled within the museum, making it convenient for dining and shopping.


Casa del Vino Tenerife’s bar boasts a wide selection of wines from around the world, including local