What is the Bufadero

The Bufadero is a volcanic rock formation that has been shaped by the constant crashing of waves over the years. When the waves hit the rocks with enough force, water is forced through a small hole in the rock formation and explodes out the top, creating a geyser-like effect. The sound of the water rushing through the hole and the spray that shoots up into the air can be quite impressive.

Getting to the blow hole

Technically you are only allowed to look at the blow hole from above on the path that goes around the peninsula the the blowhole is on.  From the path the blow hole is around 15 meters below, on a storm day it can be a pretty impressive sight, but on a normal day you don’t really get the full effect.  There are signs everywhere telling you that it is very dangerous to leave the path towards the blow hole.  I’m not going to recommend that you do what we did and walk down to the blow hole anyway, woops – you must definitely not do that!.   It truly is an incredible experience to feel the rock below you rumble and the water rise up.