The Botanical Garden in Puerto De La Cruz – A Review

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The Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz

Welcome to the Jardin Botanico Garden Puerto De La Cruz – one of the oldest botanical gardens in Tenerife! Are you looking for a unique destination that offers captivating sights and an impressive variety of plant species? Look no further.

This blog is your ticket into this paradise on earth, which promises both educational activities and enjoyable experiences for all ages. Get ready to learn about fascinating historical details, opening times and prices; plus check out the nearby attractions and activities! From exploring extraordinary flora in beautiful scenery to experiencing nature like never before – embark on this journey with us now!

History and Overview of the Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz

The Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz in Tenerife is a hidden paradise just waiting to be discovered! Although it may not be as well known as some of the other tourist attractions on the Island, its 20,000 square meters of lush tropical plants from around the world are sure to enchant visitors.

dating all the way back to late 18th Century, its botanical gardens give guests an insight into a rich history and experience 4,000 plant species within aesthetic grounds. Whether you’re looking for serenity or adventure, this garden is perfect for exploring – there’s something new to discover around every corner with inviting nature trails and breathtaking foliage in abundance.

With so many activities on offer here, ‘Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz’ will make for memories that last a lifetime!

Unique Features and Gardens in the Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz

I was astounded at the unique features and gardens available to explore in the Jardín Botánico Garden in Puerto De La Cruz. From its bondage tree with its colorful parrots, to the pond of coi carp, one can find something special around every corner. The garden features an impressive array of species from all five continents and includes over 4,800 different plants:

Opening Times and Prices for Visiting the Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz

Are you planning a trip to Puerto De La Cruz and not sure what to include in your itinerary? I’ve been there, and I understand that choosing from the plethora of attractions can be a daunting task. One gem that is a must-visit is the Jardín Botánico Garden, the oldest botanical garden in the archipelago known for its beauty and diversity. This blog post is packed with information about the history, unique features, opening times, and prices of this extraordinary garden, guaranteeing you a fulfilling and unforgettable visit. Let’s get started on this botanical journey together.

Nearby Attractions and Activities to Experience in Puerto De La Cruz


  • Loro Parque is the world’s best zoo, known for its large collection of exotic animals and beautiful gardens.
  • Not far from Puerto de la Cruz is Playa Jardin, a stunning beach with lush botanical gardens located right on the seashore.
  • Snorkeling and other water sports can be done at Playa Martianez which has black sand beaches due to its volcanic origins.
  • El Botánico provides an unique experience with a tranquil atmosphere perfect for visitors seeking some peace and quiet away from hustle bustle of city life.
  • Lagos Martínez offers wonderful swimming pools surrounded by rocks covered in vibrant plants creating an idyllic atmosphere perfect for leisurely strolls or relaxing bus rides across tenerife north shoreline.
  • Other activities such as diving tours, whale watching excursions, horse riding trips along dunes or tobacco factory visits also make great additions to any day trip itinerary in Puerto De La Cruz!


Top Activities and Tours to Enjoy in the Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz

• Take a guided tour of the 3-hectare garden – explore the 5000 varieties of plants from all corners of the world, towering dragon trees, and an outdoor education center where you can learn about fascinating botanical facts.

Other Botanical Gardens and Parks in Tenerife to Visit

 La Hijuela del Botánico is a botanical garden in Puerto De La Cruz. It covers an area of 3390 square meters.and has plenty of endemic plants from the Canary Islands, as well as other exotic species planted largely during the German occupation of Tenerife in 1917.


1. What is the Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz?

The Jardín Botánico Garden Puerto De La Cruz is a botanical gardens situated in Tenerife, in the north of Spain, providing stunning scenes of tropical plants for visitors and tourists to explore and observe.

2. When are the opening times at El Botánico Tenerife?

The El Botánico Tenerife is open daily between 9am to 8pm January-June and 9am – 6pm July-December excluding December 24th & 25th when it’s closed for Christmas Day.

3. How much does it cost to visit Jardin Botanica de Puerto de la Cruz?

General admission tickets cost 13 EUR per person with discounts available for children aged 5-12 years old (7 EUR), senior citizens are priced at 10EUR each while families can purchase entry at 35EUR (aprox 2 adults + 2 child). Each ticket includes access to both inside and outside areas during your stay; free WiFI use also included!

4. What kind of things can people do in the garden?

Visitors often enjoy leisurely walks or bike rides around one or some of its main sections like Aquatic Plants, Orchid House & Great Lawn Area along with other attractions such as peacocks who freely wander about and offers great photo opportunities!. The nearby Congrio Cafe provides refreshments making it ideal place to relax after exploring all day long!